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Alteration, Personalise, Transforming

Dates: To be discuss

Total Duration: 28h

Course available in Spalding​

Group & individual lesson

This course will be to expand your creativity by simply repairing or recycling clothes which can be made into new and exciting designs.

This process will help students understand how to handle material so future designs can be created from better materials. 

Detail of the course:


  • Adjust length and size of clothes

  • Sew a button

  • Repair zips

  • Repair or replace a hole or ripped part of your clothes

  • Repair or redo insides jackets/suits



  • Add / Readjust

  • Taking off / Making hole / Opening

  • Mixing up / Mixing different material



  • Shorts/ Pants into skirts and vice versa

  • Separating / Reworking

  • Recycle old clothes


Materials: your own clothes or your friends (as long as you have their permission :) )


Use your imagination and open your mind